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I absolutely love to travel, and one of my favorite places to go within driving distance is Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is only about three hours from the Upstate where I live. Honestly even if I had to take a long flight, I would still go because it is just so beautiful! There is so much to do and see and the history behind it is just captivating. It is like a dream to drive through the historic district downtown. The buildings, the landscape, the water, everything is so charming and lovely.

I have visited Charleston on multiple occasions for different reasons. I have gone to stay with friends on Mt. Pleasant and Folly Beach; I went for a girls retreat in high school; I have stayed at Isle of Palms with my family. My most recent trip was this past summer with my husband and kids. We stayed right across the bridge as you enter Mt. Pleasant. It was a short trip. We only stayed for 2 nights, but we packed a ton into those 3 days. Before we went, I had the whole trip scheduled with what we were going to do. We had an absolute blast and discovered so many great Charleston treasures while we were there. If you are looking to take a fun little trip to the lowcountry, here is your itinerary to pack it all in while you’re there.


Lunch: Bay Street Biergarten. This is a great spot for the whole family. They have indoor and outdoor seating, multiple bars, great food, and even feature taps that you can have right at your table. The atmosphere is super chill and laid back. They have a great beer selection and the food left me feeling stuffed.

Boat Tour: Charleston Water Taxi. This is such a fun, inexpensive way to go on a little boat ride and do some sightseeing. You can get an all day pass for $12 (kids 3 and under are free). The taxi has four different ports. You can get out at any of them, walk around, shop, eat, and then come and get back on.

Shopping: Charleston City Market. The market in Charleston is a must see, featuring over 300 entrepreneurs, you can always find a unique souvenir that you didn’t know you needed. Walking through and looking at all the treasures is so much fun.

Dinner: There are so many options on Shem Creek: Tavern & Table, Red’s Ice House, NICO Oysters & Seafood, R.B.’s Seafood Restaurant, Saltwater Cowboys, and so much more. There is a convenient parking garage right there where you can park and walk to all of these places. You really can’t go wrong with food in Charleston. They know what they’re doing in the kitchen. They also know good beer and tasty cocktails. We went to Tavern & Table, and I got a delicious sangria. Oh, did I mention that all of these restaurants are on the water? Sit outside to enjoy a breathtaking view.

Nightlife: Now if you’re taking kids (like we did), nightlife consists of trying to get kids to go to sleep when they’re not in their normal bed! But if you are lucky enough to get to go without kids, there are a ton of options for fun nightlife. Downtown is the place to go at night obviously. Remember Bay Street Biergarten where you ate lunch? It’s also a great place to go for late night fun. Other late night spots in downtown: The Cocktail Club, Prohibition, King Street Public House, Republic, all provide a unique atmosphere with a drink selection big enough to satisfy all palettes.

Image: Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co.

Transportation: If you’re going to be going out and indulging in the local beers and tasty cocktails, you need to make sure you have a ride. Also, parking can be rather challenging in downtown and it would be much better to be dropped off and picked up. Rather than calling one of the rideshare services and getting into an old Toyota Camry with some sketch guy named Cody, why don’t you ride in style? Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co. offers vintage cars, luxury rides, limousines, and more. You can feel safe, secure, and sophisticated traveling to and from your downtown location. Let the Lowcountry Valet professionals take care of everything from the directions, parking, gas, while you just enjoy your time out. Check out their website to see all of the amazing transportation options they have.


Breakfast: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. This unique restaurant offers biscuits, coffee, grits, biscuit sandwiches, and more. They also offer biscuit-making classes (how cool is that?!?).

Beach: Sullivan’s Island is south of Mt. Pleasant and features a little less busy beachfront with a great selection of shops and restaurants in their quaint little town. Take a picnic lunch and spend the day on the beach. Then stick around to shop and eat dinner on Sullivan’s at one of the exceptional restaurants.

Dinner: There are so many options on Sullivan’s, but I would highly recommend Poe’s Tavern. Wonderful atmosphere, service, food, and drink selections.


Brunch: The Park Cafe is a unique restaurant offering a reimagined farm-to-fork concept. They have a pretty standard brunch menu with a fun spin on the classics. Their ingredients are all local and service is a top priority. There is something for everyone here and a relaxing, laid back atmosphere to go with the delicious meals.

And then you are on your way home after a relaxing, fun-filled getaway! What are some places I forgot? Do you have any favorite places in Charleston that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment and let me know or shoot me an email! Let me know when you try any of these suggestions and tell me what you think of them! I hope you enjoy your getaway to Charleston! It is truly “the holy city”!



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