Lindsey Out Loud, LLC


Do you already have a self-hosted WordPress site?

Have a site ready to go, except it doesn’t reflect the style you’re going for and you can’t figure out how to get things how you want them? Let me take it off your hands and get it where it needs to be!

Price: $347 (due at completion of project)

Do you need your website built from the ground up?

Have no idea how to do anything technical? You don’t have to worry about anything! Just let me build your site for you and work with you to create something that reflects your personality and style, without all the frustration.

Price: $947 ($473.50 due before project begins/$473.50 due at completion of project)

*There is also a yearly fee of $100 for hosting your website and renewing the domain name (the first year is included in your $947 fee). I will also periodically perform site maintenance and keep plugins up to date as part of this fee.

All of my sites are:
  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Hosted through SiteGround, one of the top hosting platforms on the web
  • Edited through WordPress, the best site editor on the web
  • No limits on number of pages

Below are some samples of sites I designed to give you a feel for my design skills: