I know how frustrating it is to be a new blogger and/or influencer trying to navigate the industry all alone.

There are so many things to figure out…

How do I post to

How do I get my pictures to look professional?

How do I gain followers?

How do I format my site just right?

How do I create those cute graphics that everyone else has?

How does she do her stories like that?

What do I include in my media kit?

How do I collaborate with brands?

How do I make money as an Amazon Associate?

The list goes on and on.

I wish I would have had someone to help me when I first started instead of figuring everything out on my own.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping others now.

Do you need help with your personal brand?

Is WordPress making you want to pull your hair out?

Are graphics not your thing?

Can’t figure out why your Instagram isn’t performing like you want it to?



Showcase your talents, services, analytics, and experience with an aesthetically pleasing digital resume. This is the first thing most brands ask for if they want to collaborate with you. If your Media Kit isn’t selling your talents just right, you could lose the opportunity to partner with them.

It’s important that your Media Kit reflect your style and brand while also including essential analytics.


Here are some ideas of graphics I can design:

  • Instagram story slides
  • Facebook posts
  • Pinterest pins
  • collages
  • Ads
  • Highlight covers
  • Quote graphics
  • Blog banners
  • Facebook cover photos
  • Etsy listings
  • Title images for videos
  • And so much more!


Stand out and get noticed with a personalized logo curated specifically for your brand.

Logos need to be easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, colors that represent the brand, and easily recognizable.

Professional logo designers will charge thousands of dollars and only give you a limited number of edits. But not me. I will work with you until it is perfect and exactly like you want it.


If someone lands on your Instagram, they will usually decide within 5 seconds if they want to follow you or not. What is your profile doing to make sure they hit follow? Or better yet, what is your profile doing that is causing people NOT to hit follow?

I will analyze your Instagram page and send you a detailed audit including my suggestions for your profile picture, bio, name, handle, highlights, and overall picture and caption quality.

I will also give you 4 other Instagram accounts to look at for inspiration and a few tips for getting new followers (and keeping them).


Maybe you need to hash things out one on one, more than just me sending you an Instagram audit. Let’s do a video call and get all your questions answered.

One hour Zoom call 1:1 with me to deep dive into whatever you need help with:

  • Engagement
  • Purpose
  • Niche
  • Ideal audience/client
  • Hashtags
  • IG stories
  • Analytics
  • Captions
  • Photo editing
  • Collaborations
  • Growing your following
  • Utilizing Pinterest


Do you already have a self-hosted WordPress site?

Have a site ready to go, except it doesn’t reflect the style you’re going for and you can’t figure out how to get things how you want them? Let me take it off your hands and get it where it needs to be!

Do you need your website built from the ground up?

Don’t even have a domain name or know what website hosting platforms are? Don’t even stress about it. Just let me build your site for you and work with you to create something that reflects your personality and style.

I built this site from scratch all by myself. All graphics are my original designs. That should give you a good feel for my design skills, but I’m happy to share other samples of my work at your request. Please download my service menu below to see my rates.

If you’re ready to get to work, click the button below to fill out the short survey about yourself so I can get to know you and your goals. Once you submit the form, I will be in touch with you so we can make a plan of action!


Lindsey was SO easy to work with, her response time? Amazing. Her ability to grab your concept and place it into a perfect website? All while coaching you, and helping you understand exactly what makes that website tick? SPOT ON! Lindsey was not only the best choice for me and my website, but she made me feel comfortable asking questions, or making requests for changes. I HIGHLY recommend working with her, not just due to her skillset, but the fact that she’s a standup great person!

Sarah H.

Lindsey was awesome to work with! As a newbie to WordPress, I needed help with some things and Lindsey was so helpful to get my site to where I wanted it.

Katie G.

I can’t wait to work with you!


I also sell mobile presets for photos right here on my website!

Presets are how you can step up your photo game to the next level. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to use them, but professionals actually use them as well! That’s how good they are!