All of my sites are...

  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Hosted through SiteGround, one of the top hosting platforms on the web
  • Edited through WordPress, the best site editor on the web
  • No limits on number of pages

The details...

What I offer is to host and build your site through WordPress. You would choose your domain name and I would purchase it for you and host it on my server. (If you already have a domain name reserved, I would just transfer it to my hosting server!)

I would ask you to give me an idea of the look you’re going for and also give me a color scheme you’d like to stick to. I would also need you to send me lots of pictures to choose from!

The standard pages that most blogs have are:

Any other additional pages you want, you would just let me know! There’s no limit or extra charge for additional pages!

Once the project is complete (meaning you’re happy with everything), I will make a video for you showing you exactly how to log in to your site and make blog posts.

*Total Fee for Project: $947

I require a deposit up front (half of the total), and I will have you sign a project agreement. The other half will be due when the project is complete.

There is a yearly fee of $100 for hosting and maintaining the site throughout the year. I will periodically perform site maintenance and keep plugins up to date as part of this fee. That first payment would be due one year from the date of the agreement (the first year is included in your $947 fee). If you decide after a year that you don’t want to continue having the site, you would not be obligated to pay the $100, but your site would no longer be active at that time.

I am happy to edit the site and make small changes throughout the year. If it is something extensive that you’d like changed, I charge $25/hour to make those changes.

What real clients have to say...

Testimonial from Bre Sheffield

Lindsey was such an amazing person to work with to build my dream website! If you are looking for someone that will give you WAY more bang for your buck, I HIGHLY recommend Lindsey to help with all your needs. Lindsey is very knowledgeable in all aspects of website/blog building, and very easy to communicate with. Every question and email I sent Lindsey was answered in a very timely manner, and never made me feel like I was a bother! The best part is the video walk thru at the end that basically gives you a class on how to use your blog! I am very grateful for Lindsey!!

    Testimonial from Sarah Houston

    Lindsey was SO easy to work with, her response time? Amazing. Her ability to grab your concept and place it into a perfect website? All while coaching you, and helping you understand exactly what makes that website tick? SPOT ON! Lindsey was not only the best choice for me and my website, but she made me feel comfortable asking questions, or making requests for changes. I HIGHLY recommend working with her, not just due to her skillset, but the fact that she's a standup great person!


      Each site is unique and different, just like the brands/businesses/individuals that they represent. And that is what I love--getting to create something that embodies you and what you're about. Contact me today if you're ready to build your perfect site!

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