So…what’s the point?

As a mom to three, I have learned that everyday is a new adventure; no two days are the same. There’s always a story or something unbelievable that happens. I was out one day recently and heard a kid screaming, and I thought to myself, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.” And that simple thought is the inspiration for my blog–to help other moms realize they’re not the only ones going through this journey of parenthood. Some days we rock it and some days we epically fail. Even if parents make it seem like their life is perfect on social media, it really isn’t. Their kid still pooped themselves, still had to be taught how to use a spoon, still throws up in the most inconvenient places–just like your kids. I’m not here to give you the glamorous highlight reel, but the real down and dirty truth that most people won’t admit.

If you aren’t a parent and not interested in parenting and kids, don’t run scared! I will be talking about hair, fashion, home decor, mental health, life experiences, and so much more! (hence: lifestyle). I also would love to support local businesses in the Greenville and Easley area. I want to be your guide to places and events locally that you NEED to visit. So whether you’re local as well or you plan to visit the Upstate, I hope I can help ya out.

I want to make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, and most importantly, validate you as the B O M B human being you are. I have learned when we can relate to others, we instantly feel better about ourselves.

If there’s ever anything you’d like me to write about, research, elaborate on, expand on, please let me know. I want to write for you, not for myself.

Basically, whatever you’re interested in, I will probably write about it at some point. So stick around. Follow along. Life is so much better when we do it with others.

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