Can you freakin’ believe it because I still can’t!

My friend Lexi and I have started our very own podcast, The Social Sisterhood!

It is just crazy how this all came together, + I’m so grateful to be on this journey.

So I want to give a little back story of how this came to be. Because it’s honestly just so awesome.

How We Met

Lexi and I live about an hour a part + there’s about a 4 year age difference between us (yes, I’m the old hag). She is not married + has no kids. I’m married (for the second time) + have 3 kids. So to say we’re a bit opposite would be an understatement. At the beginning of 2020, we had never met + had no clue who the other was.

When quarantine happened, I had a local blogger reach out to me (that I also had never met), + asked if I wanted to do a Zoom call with some other bloggers + talk about blogging. I thought, what the heck, why not!

On the second call, I “met” Lexi. We followed each other + became part of a text group for bloggers. We also became affiliates for a couple of the same boutiques.

Once restaurants opened back up in our area, a group of the local bloggers met up for lunch (+ when I say lunch, I mean we met at 2:00 + didn’t leave until 6:00 because we were having THAT much fun!). Lexi cracked me up the whole time + I just loved her attitude.

After that lunch, she text me saying how much she admired me + looked up to me + she probably has no idea how much that meant to me. We continued to grow a friendship from there.

How Our Podcast Was Created

Well a few weeks ago, I was really going through an internal battle. I was wondering if I should quit my part time job to pursue my own business + dreams. I just wasn’t quite ready to take that leap…

That same week, Lexi text me + said she wanted my opinion on something. She said she really wanted to start a podcast, but didn’t know if it was an attainable goal.

I was like “GIRL I WANT TO START A PODCAST TOO!” Actually, I’ll put our text convo right here so you can see exactly how it went down…

I called Lexi + told her about the uncertainty with my job + how I was really feeling a push to quit. Well, little did I did know that 2 days later, I would be FIRED! Yeah, it’s all going to be discussed on the podcast, so stay tuned. But wow, talk about, “HERE’S YOUR SIGN!”

So I told Lexi we were doing this dang thing + 2 days later, we met up + decided on everything for our new podcast: the name, the color scheme, the mission, vision, ideal audience, hosting platform, release schedule, etc! + of course we snapped some pictures (including the coin we flipped to decide on our name!).

The next weekend, we recorded our intro + first 3 episodes. We didn’t waste any time! Just a few days later, our teaser episode went LIVE on Spotify + Apple Podcasts. It all happened so fast + feels like a literal dream.

We have received so much love + support during this new venture + we are forever thankful. It means so much to us that people want to hear what we have to say! We have a lot to tell you + we’re so excited to get it all out there.

Our podcast, The Social Sisterhood, is all about cultivating a sisterhood of like-minded women who are creative, ambitious, + committed to making their dreams a reality. We encourage you to be your own boss + go after your dreams. You can + WILL be successful + we are here to help. We will discuss all things business, entrepreneurship, branding, blogging, personal development, social media, + so much more.

Lexi + I are opposite in many ways but have so many things in common. We are both driven + determined to be successful. With that mentality, we cannot be stopped.

We hope you’ll join the sisterhood + follow along on this journey with us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, join our Facebook group, and listen to us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!

Subscribe, rate + review after you listen so we can hear what you think!

Thank you again for all the support! It literally means the world to us!

Are you ready to step into THE SISTERHOOD?

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