Playroom Makeover

Have you seen those pictures of tornado or hurricane damage after the storms? Where it’s just piles of rubble? Houses are not even recognizable, cars are crushed, trees are snapped + things like ovens are in the middle of fields? Well that’s about what my kids’ playroom looked like. No seriously. Look at this picture:

There is a floor under there somewhere, I promise. This is the chaos that I was left with after many, many nights of just throwing all the toys in there + shutting the door so I didn’t have to look at it. Then the next day, the kids would go in there + get what they wanted, bring it in the living room to play with + then we’d repeat the whole process again + again.

It was totally my fault + I accept the blame. It got way out of control. Something had to be done.

So when we were quarantined in our house for weeks, I finally had the time to really roll up my sleeves + turn this around.

The first night I went to work in there, my only goal was to be able to make a path so you could actually walk in the room. The next goal was to be able to see the whole floor.

Slowly but surely, the floor made an appearance. I got a lot of trash thrown away + got things out of there that didn’t belong.

Once I got everything somewhat neat, I started shopping online for things to spruce up this space + organize their toys more.

It took some legit magic, but now their playroom looks like this:

Can you even believe this is the same room?!? I absolutely love the way it turned out! The dots on the wall are my favorite! They are from Wayfair as well as the map canvas + one of the toy organizers. The other toy organizer is from Walmart. The three canvas pictures of the babies are from Walmart too. The white + black bins are from Amazon + the little signs on either side of the window are from Hobby Lobby! All of these things were very affordable! I have linked everything I could here!

If you think there’s a room in your house that is beyond help, just know that it isn’t! Anything is possible if I can turn this madness around!

What room in your house needs a makeover?!? Let me know!



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