Remember back in May when I redid the kids’ playroom? Welllll, even though it was very organized and cute, the kids still never played in it. All they did was get toys out of there and bring them in the living room to play or upstairs to their rooms. Their rooms are pretty big, so they had room for more toys. So I finally came to the conclusion that all those toys piled up in the playroom could go to their rooms and I could turn that room into my new home office.

I was a little nervous to ask my husband if we could redo something in the house, but he was totally fine with it (probably because he didn’t have to do much or spend much!). Just about a month ago, I came to him with the idea, and within 2 days, I had everything out of the playroom and had my office furniture ordered.

I went to Hobby Lobby (of course) and got a whole bunch of cheetah decor and started ordering all the little extra details I needed to make it complete. Well, finally last night, we put the finishing touches on this room, and here I sit in my completed office.

I am in awe of how perfect it turned out. I never thought I would be able to have something like this for myself. It really does make me emotional to come in here and look around. It’s crazy to think how things have all come together to get me to this point.

I’m so grateful that I’m busy enough to need a dedicated work space. I’m so thankful we had the room for me to make this dream a reality.

When I think back on this year, at one point, I was doing all of this:

  • My blog
  • My Etsy shop
  • Running social media for a local business
  • Director of Operations for another online business

(I was doing all this while having all 3 kids at home full time.)

And now, I have been able to cut back to the things that truly bring me joy:

  • My blog/business
  • My podcast

(Now my kids are in school 5 days a week, but I still get to pick them up everyday and can “take off” whenever I need to if they’re sick or something comes up.)

2020 may not have been the year any of us envisioned, but I’m proud of myself for going after my dreams and making them a reality.

But NONE of this would be possible without YOU. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog, following me on Instagram, sharing me with your friends, buying my courses and e-books, using my presets, the list goes on.

Thank you seems pretty insignificant when you’ve literally helped make my dreams come true.

Now, here is the completed office. You can get most of the product details here.



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