My Smoothie Recipe

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I used to make smoothies all the time before I became a mom + life drastically changed!! But recently I have been trying to find easy ways I can sneak some good nutrition in my diet! So I bought a Magic Bullet + it makes it SO easy!

The great thing about the Magic Bullet is you can stop blending, easily pick up the container + mix it up + then start again. So if any pieces are being stubborn + not getting down to the bottom, you can shake it up real quick + keep going. It makes just enough for one smoothie + it’s a very easy clean up. You can also use the container that it blends in to drink out of. So it’s even less dishes to clean. It comes with three different cups + lids.

But enough about the blender, here’s the recipe!!

Seems super simple, right? It is! I cut up strawberries + bananas + place them on wax paper on a rack or baking sheet + put it in the freezer. This way the strawberries + bananas are frozen + act as the ice for the smoothie. Then you don’t have to use ice which waters down the drink. I do add a little bit of water which just helps make it thin enough to drink. But using the frozen strawberries + bananas as the ice cubes allows for a creamier smoothie. I also add the baby spinach to get some vegetables in! You really can’t taste them at all in my opinion! + I am pretty picky about tastes!

To make it as simple + quick as possible, I’ve started buying frozen strawberries from the freezer section so I don’t have to freeze my own strawberries, but it’s probably best to use fresh ones if you have the time! With three kids, a dog + a husband, I am lacking for time!!

Let me know if you try this recipe + what you think! I would HIGHLY recommend the Magic Bullet! It makes it so easy! + it’s very compact + doesn’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen! Also, it’s only $40!!! + here is a tumbler that is similar to a YETI but only costs $10! While you’re at it, here is a 4 pack of reusable straws to go with it 😉

What is your favorite smoothie recipe?!? Let me know in the comments!



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