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My New At Home Teeth Whitening Routine (That’s Easy, Effective + Affordable)

My New At Home Teeth Whitening Routine (That’s Easy, Effective + Affordable)

This post is sponsored by SmileBrilliant. All opinions are my own.

“Your teeth are so white” is probably one of the best compliments you can get. It’s something that even at a young age (like middle school), I got a lot. But of course the older you get, your teeth obviously get stained + aren’t as white as they once were. I started wanting my teeth whiter when I was an older teenager + tried the drug store whitening strips. They worked in making my teeth appear whiter, but they also caused a lot of sensitivity issues that I had never experienced before. They also were hard to stay on your teeth + were slimy, uncomfortable + just plain gross.

Fast forward to this year. I turned 30 + have been very aware of wanting to keep up a youthful appearance, which includes keeping my teeth white. SmileBrilliant reached out to see if I’d like to try their at home teeth whitening kit. I was super excited to try a professional whitening treatment + see how it compared to what I had used in the past. Plus I hadn’t whitened in a long time + my teeth were overdue for some TLC.

Making Your Impressions

SmileBrilliant sent me a kit to make my impressions for my whitening trays. It was super simple to make the impressions. There were two types of clay, blue + white. You mix the blue + white clays together until you can’t see the white anymore. Then you put it in the tray they provide + bite down into the clay with your upper teeth. After the specified time, you take it out + then repeat the process for your bottom teeth. You mail these back to them in an addressed envelope they provide.

Soon you will receive your custom fit trays in the mail! I was blown away with how well they fit. I mean absolutely perfectly matched my teeth. It’s like some kind of magic! The trays are extremely comfortable + don’t slip at all.

Teeth Whitening Time!

Now it’s time to actually whiten your teeth! You squirt just a bit of the whitening gel inside the trays + place on your teeth. You can choose how long you’d like to keep them on. I normally keep them on for about 45 minutes.

Once I take them off, I rinse out the trays + store them in the case they come with + I brush my teeth. SmileBrilliant also offers desensitizing gel that you can use after whitening to fight sensitivity that you may experience. I purposely did not use it to see if my teeth would become sensitive. I did not experience any noticeable sensitivity so I have continued to only use the whitening gel without the desensitizing gel + have had no discomfort. It is good to know that they offer it just in case you do experience sensitivity, but I’m very happy with the results seeing as I did see sensitivity with other whitening products I have previously used.

Before on the top; After on the bottom

I have been doing the whitening routine about once a week at most. The great thing is that you don’t have to do it every single day to see results. I saw results after just one use + it just kept getting better + better each time.
I still have many more uses left in my kit so I will continue to use this for months to come. I am very pleased with how my teeth look + once again, just how easy this whole process was. If you are looking for a product to whiten your teeth, look no further!! SmileBrilliant’s products are not only highly effective + easy to use, but they won’t break the bank either! Other professional whitening products can cost upwards of $500-$1,000! At SmileBrilliant, you can get a set of custom-fit trays + 3 syringes with whitening gel for as low as $126.65 using my discount code lindseyoutloud15 (1 syringe can give you 3-5 applications). So SmileBrilliant’s products are super affordable + reasonable!

Easy? Check. Effective? Check. Affordable? Check.

It’s safe to say that SmileBrilliant checks all the boxes! So what are you waiting for? At home teeth whitening has never been so attainable. Visit their site today to purchase your kit!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these products. I will always be honest + share with you my real experience. I truly love these products + I know you will too!




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