My Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

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We FINALLY got to celebrate my baby girl’s birthday last Saturday (two weeks later…thanks corona) + it was the perfect little celebration for my girl. Ok, perfect might be a stretch considering the thunder + lightning that drove our crew from the neighborhood pool to our house down the street, buuuuuut I don’t think she knew the difference!

We had been checking + checking on the weather forecast. It had been saying 60% chance of rain all week. Then Friday it went down to 40%. Then Saturday morning it said 20%. We were thinking we were in the clear. Two hours before the party was supposed to start, the sun was shining, there were no dark clouds, + the chance of rain had gone down to 10%.

So we packed everything up in the car + headed down to set up.

We got everything set up + the kids all lathered up in sunscreen just in time for party guests to arrive.

Then the thunder started.

At first it was way off in the distance + the radar was showing that it was going to go completely around us. Then it started getting louder + we saw lightning.

We decided to definitely get out of the pool! Then the thunder just kept coming louder + louder so we all said, “Umm…let’s take this party inside!”

You’ve never seen a group of people pack up so fast! Everyone grabbed something + took off to their cars to drive the 30 second drive down the street to our house!

Well…it never ended up raining! In fact, I don’t think it really even thundered again after we got to our house! But it was nice to be in air conditioning + have comfortable seating for everyone!

Camille did not know any plans had changed! She had a great time at both locations so that is all that matters! She got to eat cake, open presents + see all of her family!

Here are some pictures from the party!


At first, I wanted her party theme to be rainbows, but then I wanted to incorporate a lot of other summer things. So when I designed her invitations, I included rainbows, popsicles, donuts, watermelon + ice cream!

This was the original date for her party, but we had to move it back two weeks because I was sick!

For the paper products + decorations, most everything was rainbow + I got it all on Amazon! I had a Happy Birthday balloon banner that was rose gold.

For food, I did donuts, cheese, crackers, ham, pepperoni, watermelon slices, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes, cookies, + I made a cake.

One of the coolest things I got from Amazon was a donut wall that was shaped like a rainbow! It added such a cute touch to the decor!

I also made a yummy punch! Here are the three simple ingredients (I just mix them all together + taste test to see if I need to add more of one of them): Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch, Pineapple juice, + Sprite! Delicious!

All of the party supplies are linked in the picture below! Just click on it to find the specific product details! Everything is super affordable!

Camille’s shirt + bow are both from small shops on Etsy. Her bummies are from another small shop, Rainbows + Ray.

Stay tuned, because as my aunt reminded me Saturday, the birthday parties never end when you have three kids! My son is turning three in three months so let me know what theme you think I should go with for his party!



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