*This page contains affiliate links. If you sign up for any of these tools, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. These are all tools I personally use for my business and love.

Siteground is the best web hosting platform in my opinion. I host my site and all my clients’ sites on Siteground, and I’ve never had a problem.

GoDaddy is where I buy most of my domain names. They usually have the best prices.

Pretty sure in this day and age, everyone has heard of Zoom, but if you haven’t, Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is making life for online businesses so much better!

Loom is a screen recording platform where you can record videos of your screen and also of you talking. You can download the videos or send a link to someone to view.

Stripe is an online payment processor similar to PayPal, but I honestly like it better.

Canva is the best, most user-friendly technology to create graphics, business cards, invitations, media kits, posters, social media posts, etc.

Creative Market is a marketplace for all things creative. You can buy fonts, web themes, graphics, templates, and so much more. The prices are very affordable.

SignRequest is what I use to send electronic contracts to my clients and affiliates and we can both sign electronically.

Calendly is the online booking system I use for my clients and podcast guest interviews. Very user friendly and inexpensive (there’s also a free version!)

Monthly breakdown of business expenses



Google Workspace$12.00
Loom Business Plan$10.00
Zoom Pro Plan$16.04
SignRequest Professional$9.00
Canva Pro$12.95
Lightroom Mobile Premium Version$4.99
Lightroom Desktop Version$9.99
Monthly Total$74.97