Learning is the Key to Growing: How LadyBossBlogger is Helping Me Grow!

*This post is sponsored by LadyBossBlogger. Thank you to founder + CEO Elaine Rau for putting together these amazing resources for bloggers + influencers. All opinions expressed below are my own.

As I’ve gotten older, I crave knowledge. I crave learning. I am always wanting to discover new ideas, new concepts, new opinions, etc. Learning is fun to me. And I believe that learning is the key to growing, whether that is emotionally, spiritually, in your personal life, or professional life. 

You can’t do anything new without learning something you didn’t previously know. Ever heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”?

When I started my blog last October, I spent hours upon hours researching + learning as much as I could soak in. I learned a lot, but you know what I’ve learned since? You can never learn TOO much. You will never get to a point where you say, “Ok, I’ve learned everything there is to know. There is nothing left for me to learn or change or improve.”

I think so many people wait to get to that point where they’ve “made it” + skip the step of doing their research + being open to making changes after learning new information. While there is certainly a lot I’ve learned about blogging since last October, there is still so much to be discovered.

That is why I am taking Elaine Rau’s course, “How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer.” It’s no secret that people spend more time on Instagram than on your blog, but your Instagram is how you direct people to your blog. This is what makes Instagram such a powerful tool as a blogger. 

My ultimate goal since starting my blog has been to make money to help provide for my family. So far, I have definitely achieved that in a small way, but I know there is much more to be made. That’s why I’m super excited to be taking this course and learning from someone in the industry who has been successful.


The course itself is broken down into 8 sections PLUS a bonus section with TONS of resources for you. These sections are not fluffed; they are jam-packed with useful information + tools to help you succeed.

Some of my favorite topics include: 

  • Mistakes to avoid that most influencers make
  • How to be attractive to brands 
  • Defining your target audience
  • Help with your pitch 
  • How to find brands to work with
  • How to set your fees
  • Legal aspects of blogging/influencing

Plus SO much more! There really is not one thing left out in this course!

Some of you may be thinking, “Well I already know those things.” I’m here to tell you that hearing something for a second, third, or fourth time is not only OKAY, but you may also learn something additional that you didn’t know. I’m telling you guys, there is always more to learn. If you want to be successful as a blogger/influencer, this course is a huge step in that direction.

I will check back in with you guys in a few weeks to let you know my EXACT results after implementing everything I learn from the LadyBossBlogger course! This is just the beginning!


Would you like to win this course FOR FREE!?!? (Who wouldn’t?!?) I have partnered with LadyBossBlogger and Elaine Rau to gift one of you a free course! Please head to my Instagram + follow the instructions for your chance to win a course of your choosing! The giveaway ends on July 14, 2020, so RUN on over to make sure you’ve entered!


If you just can’t wait any longer to get started (understandable), then click here to get all the details on the course + the pricing. LadyBossBlogger generously offers 6-month payment plans if you can’t pay for the whole course at once. PLUS they have also given me a coupon code to share with you all so you can SAVE 40% on the cost of the course! Use code LINDSEYBOWEN

I get questions a lot about how I got started blogging/influencing + what tips I would give to someone wanting to get started. I ALWAYS recommend investing in yourself! Everything I know, I learned from someone else. 

YOU do NOT have all the answers! 

So why not take a course that will teach you everything you need to know?

Have you taken this course or one similar before? 

If not, what is holding you back? 

There is so much out there to be discovered just waiting on you! 

If you decide to enroll in the course, let me know so we can chat about all the content together + share what our biggest takeaways are!



PS- Additional resources from LadyBossBlogger:

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