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    Okay, I’m sure if you’re a woman + have a pulse, you’ve heard of The Pink Lily Boutique. Pink Lily is an online boutique for women that is incredibly popular. If you follow me on social media, you know I love Pink Lily’s clothes + already share them a lot. I now get the privilege of being an ambassador for them which means I’ll always have a discount code for you guys to use, I’ll get early access to sales + deals so I can share with you as soon as possible, + I’ll be able to keep getting more + more Pink Lily to try on for you guys + let you know how they fit + feel!

    If you’ve ordered from Pink Lily before, then you’re super pumped that I will be able to help you get these deals + codes! If you’ve never ordered from Pink Lily before, you now have the perfect opportunity to try them out at a discount of 15% off! + I promise that you will then be a raging fan + will probably hate me for adding another guilty pleasure to your list!

    Check out some of my Pink Lily looks below!

    Okay, here’s your discount code to get 15% off: MAY15

    But can you do me one favor? Always order through my link when ordering with Pink Lily. Why? Because then I get credit for sending you to them + it helps me be able to get new items + share more with you! So any time I link them on my website or my social media channels, that is my personal link. It would mean the world to me if you’d purchase using my link!

    Do you have any #PinkLilyStyle in your closet?!? What is your favorite item?!? Let me know below!

    If you have any questions about fabrics or sizing, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Check out my Instagram where I’ll share tons of Pink Lily!