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How to Clean Your Rings

How to Clean Your Rings

I’ll have to admit that this is super random. But I love the simple way that I was taught to clean my engagement + wedding rings + I love how it leaves them sparkling! So I thought I would share!

You only really need two things: dish soap + a soft bristle toothbrush!

Crazy, right?!?

I almost didn’t believe it when the lady at the jewelry store told me. But I have done this for about 4 years now + it WORKS!

So all I do is put my ring in a little dish with lukewarm water + a dot of dish soap. I let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then I put some of the sudsy water on the toothbrush + scrub, scrub, scrub the rings. I get in between every little crack with the bristles. Once I’m done scrubbing, I rinse it with water + then dry it with a clean cloth. + that’s it!

See what I mean that it is so simple?!? I shared this on my Instagram story a few weeks ago + I turned into a highlight on my profile called “rings” so if you want to see the cleaning process in action, be sure to check it out on Instagram!

The picture below shows the exact items I use when cleaning my rings. Click on the picture to see some similar products I linked for you if you want to clean your rings this way.

Let me know if you try this + what you think!



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