i forgot to send the lunch money. again. the school is going to call & remind me that my daughter’s account is in the negative. ugh.

ever feel like you’re failing at being a mom? like nothing you do is “right”?

i know i feel like that multiple times a day. 

i also know that it’s not true.

it’s a little voice inside me that has been formed by popular culture. & it’s a liar.

yes, i let my kids watch tv.

yes, i let them eat fast food.

yes, i let them stay up late on the weekends.

yes, i let them nap in the car.

yes, sometimes they argue with each other.

yes, i lose my cool with them sometimes. 

no, i don’t cook a home cooked meal every night.

no, i never prepared my own baby food.

no, i never used cloth diapers.

no, i don’t give them a bath every single day.

no, i didn’t breastfeed exclusively for the whole first year.

no, i don’t buy every single school picture that my kids get taken.

but you know what i do?

i read to them every day.

i sing to them every day.

i kiss & hug them every day.

i make sure they use their manners.

i correct them when they are not playing nice.

i tell them i love them every day.

what do you think they will remember?

*my mom didn’t hand make my baby food*


*my mom spent time with me & told me she loved me*

i’m not a child psychologist. but i think it’s the latter.

the way we love our kids is all that matters. spending time with them is more important than the research we have done on which stroller is the best or sticking to a set, strict schedule every single day that is approved by NASA. 

so many moms these days are more interested in the “mom fads” & “mom trends” & what they look like on social media, & i often wonder if they had a conversation with their kid today. even if they’re a baby. i have conversations with my three month old. granted, it’s pretty one-sided. but i still think it’s important.

i promise your kid is not going to remember all the parenting trends you tried. but they will remember how much love you showed them. 

you are not a failure. & don’t let anyone (including yourself) make you believe that. focus on loving your kids & spending time with them & you will most certainly gain the biggest, most rewarding prize.

comment below & tell me what “mom trend” you hate. or send me an email. let’s be friends.

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