Lately I’ve been struggling.

Struggling with thinking I had to follow this rule or that rule in my business. Thinking I had to do it like everyone else. Thinking I had to do things that didn’t feel natural just to be successful.

Then I snapped back to reality and realized I am not like everyone else. I don’t need to do what everyone else does.

There is no rule book for how I should run my business. And if there was, let’s be real, I’ve never really been one to follow rules

So I’m here telling you what changes I’m making in my business because this is what I want to do. This is how I feel I’ll make the biggest impact. This is what will bring me the most joy.

It really can be boiled down to 5 things I’ll be prioritizing:

  1. Web Design. This is what I love doing the most and what brings me the most satisfaction. A website is a huge part of a person’s business/brand. I love being able to create what people are envisioning. Even better when it exceeds their expectations! Web design is now going to be the primary focus of my business. This means I will always prioritize my web design clients. I would still be happy to help with social media coaching, but my focus has shifted to web design, and I’m ok with this. I’ve spent several weeks fighting this, but I know this is the right direction for my business and I’m excited to make this shift.
  2. My Podcast. In case you weren’t aware, my bestie, Lexi, and I have a podcast called The Social Sisterhood. We interview female entrepreneurs and have them share their stories. We share our business fails and any tips we have. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s honestly been put on the back burner lately, and I want to change that. So I’m focusing a lot of my energy into the podcast moving forward! Please give it a listen if you haven’t already!
  3. Photo Presets. I have been selling my photo presets for a while now, but I have a lot more I will be releasing soon! These are so important when you’re trying to grow online, because pictures are what catches people’s attention! Whether you have a blog, a product business, or a service-based business, these are for you! Or even if you’re just a mom who wants professional looking photos of your kids!
  4. My Content Club. This is completely FREE to join! All you have to do is enter your name and email here, and I will send you a list of around 20 content ideas on the first of every month! I love offering this for free to my audience as a gift of appreciation and to hopefully help you as you’re planning your content.
  5. Sharing my life and favorite things! This is something I’ve been doing since before I had a business, and I will not stop! I love sharing my family and house with you all, and of course all my favorite things such as clothes, makeup, hair products, snacks, drinks, etc! I do this on Instagram and Facebook, and I’ve recently gotten really into TikTok so make sure to follow me there too!

Weekly Instagram Q+A on Clubhouse

What I’m sharing here and on social media will no longer be so much about Instagram coaching. But don’t worry, I am still going to be involved in a weekly Instagram Q+A Clubhouse room on Thursday nights at 8:00pm EST with 4 of my IG friends! So you can still get all my Instagram knowledge, plus 4 other friends’ Instagram knowledge, for absolutely free! This is a super laid back room where we candidly chat and allow people to ask questions or network with other creatives! If you don’t follow me on Clubhouse already, make sure to find me and give me a follow! If you need a Clubhouse invite still, please DM me on Instagram because I have several right now! (In case you weren’t aware, Clubhouse is currently iPhone only and invitation only!)

SALE on My Courses & Workbooks

Since I’m shifting my focus to primarily web design, I’ll be retiring my current e-courses and e-books so I can put all my energy into my sites. The good news about that is, you can take advantage of a HUGE sale I’m going to do since I’m retiring these products. For the next two weeks, use code YAY for 65% off my Instagram Masterclass, Pinterest/Tailwind Masterclass, Masterclass, and all of my e-books! You can find it all here to take advantage of the 65% off sale! After April 21st, these courses will no longer be available to purchase, so if you’ve been wanting one, DO IT NOW!

NEW Payment Plan Option

Another big update that I’m making to my web design business is offering payment plans! I know that when people see the price of a website, it can be a little intimidating, especially when you’re first starting out. But I am now offering 3 and 6 month payment plans that will allow you to pay over time as opposed to half upfront and half at completion. I really hope this will help bloggers and small businesses who need a website but can’t afford the upfront cost right away. I am here to help! And I know I would want a payment plan option if it was me starting out!

NEW Referral Program

Last but not least, I’m excited to announce that I am going to start a referral program for my web design services! That means if you are a former or current web design client of mine, and you refer someone to me who signs a contract and has me do their website, you will earn $45 in commission for each referral! The person has to let me know that you referred them so make sure you tell them to mention your name! Just a little thank you for spreading the word about my services!

So what do you think?!? Will you stick around with me and see the changes put into action?!?

I’m so thankful to have you here and your support means more than you know! If I can do anything at all to help you, please get in touch with me!

xoxo, lindsey
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