Wow, this is my first blog post since my New Year Word of the Year post on January 1st!!! I have obviously had A LOT going on! And it’s really not slowing down any time soon!

So I wanted to do a little recap of my year so far and share what’s to come! You ready?!?

In January I had so many websites I created that were so much fun! While that kept me busy, I also launched a clothing collection with my favorite boutique, Rustic Llama! I got to hand select all the pieces and it was so much fun! Check out some of my favorites:

To prepare for my photoshoot modeling all of the clothes, I got my podcast partner, Lexi, to whiten my teeth at her salon. Take a look at these results!!

The week after, I started feeling weird. I didn’t really know what was wrong with me, but of course because of the times we are living in, my mind went to COVID. So the next morning I went to get tested just to be sure. Turns out I did have it. So then my husband got tested, and he was positive also. The next week, we went to get the kids tested, but only our baby girl was positive. Later that week, we got the older two tested again and my oldest daughter was still negative but my son was positive.

So with 4 out of the 5 of us with COVID, we were in quarantine for 2 weeks. And that just so happened to fall right on my birthday! So I spent my 31st birthday locked at home, but at least I had my sweet kiddos with me and my parents dropped off my favorite meal!

I was so happy when I could finally bust out of the house, but turns out I couldn’t go anywhere because my car wouldn’t start.

We had been dealing with the car not starting since last May. Every time we took it somewhere, they’d say nothing was wrong with it, but it kept doing the same thing.

So my husband was finally fed up with it and wanted me to have a reliable car. He told me on a Monday night that I could start looking for cars. The next day, I went driving around and happened to find the exact car I have been dreaming of for years! It had everything I wanted–leather interior, white exterior, DVD player, and captain’s chairs in the second row. Since it was a 2016 and had some miles on it, the price was really good. Plus they gave us a great trade in value for my old car.

It all worked out perfectly, and I am so happy with the car! Just check out how beautiful she is!

But the next day, things got interesting again. I ended up in the hospital because my blood pressure spiked to 184/110. I was sent home with blood pressure medicine to help stabilize it. My doctors agreed I should not be on birth control anymore since it can raise your blood pressure. But that created a new dilemma because I do not want to get pregnant again!

After talking with the Gynecologist about my options, we decided the best option would just be to do a hysterectomy. So I am getting that done SOON on April 9th! I have talked to so many people who have had it done at a young age and they all say it was the best decision ever! I’m very excited and hope that I will recover quickly and easily and will be able to be off the blood pressure medicine soon!

And because one surgery for the year isn’t enough for me, just two months later, I’ll finally be getting my Mommy Makeover at The Aesthetic Center! This one I’m super excited about as well! This will be a rougher recovery because of all the incisions, but I know it will be worth it! I’m getting a tummy tuck and breast lift and I can’t wait! Dr. Graham will be doing my surgery, and he is wonderful!

When we all had COVID, we thought that would be our sickness for the season, but just a couple weeks later, my baby girl, Camille, spiked a fever. It got up pretty high (over 103) so we obviously wanted to bring it down with medicine. But every time we would give try to give her Tylenol, she would throw it up. Her temperature just kept going up and we couldn’t keep medicine in her. So we called her pediatrician’s after hours line and they told us she needed to be seen at the ER to get her fever down.

So just days after I had been at the ER, I had to take her. They were able to get medicine in her and she kept it down. They checked her ears and throat and everything looked good. The doctor was pretty sure it was a virus, but he wanted to test for a UTI just to be sure. This meant they had to do a catheter on her to get urine for a sample. It was by far the most horrific experience of my life having to hold her down while they did that to her. She was screaming out for me with fear in her voice and her eyes had terror in them. I’ve never felt more helpless and terrible in my life. Luckily she did not a UTI so we got to go home. But as the week went on, her fever was not going away. So Thursday morning I took her to the pediatrician and both of her little ears were infected. Once I got that antibiotic in her, she started perking up a lot. It really is the worst when your kids are sick.

The next week, my oldest daughter, Chelsea, had been at school a whole 11 minutes before the nurse called me saying she was coughing. She couldn’t return to school until she had a negative COVID test since she was the only one in our family that hadn’t had it. Well she was tested for COVID, strep, and got her ears checked and everything was fine luckily. She just had a cough. And by the next day, it was better, so she got to go back to school.

I then got something drastic done to my hair! I had never had extensions before, and I just decided to go for it! I also am doing all over blonde now instead of just highlights and I love the bold look! See how great it looks!

I also went back to see Lexi at her salon to get lip infusions (yes, you could say this is the year of self care for me!). I’ve always had really small lips and I love the subtle, natural plumpness that these lip infusions gave me!

The next weekend, I got to have a much needed girls’ trip to Atlanta for the Rustic Llama Blogger Retreat! There were 7 of us total and we stayed at an Airbnb house. The first day we had breakfast and then went straight to our first photoshoot. After that first shoot, we came back to my car to find it had been booted!! So that brought a little bit of excitement to the first day! After we got the boot off, we went to eat lunch and then went to the mall. Then we went back to the house to drink, relax, play games, and eat dinner.

The second day, we were up bright and early to prepare for our next photoshoot! We were supposed to go to a storefront that had a big boombox painted on the front, but when we got to the address we couldn’t find it. To say we were in a sketchy part of town would be an understatement! We saw multiple tents on the sidewalks where people were living and several men asked us for money. One person started talking to us so we asked him where the store was with the big boombox and he casually told us, “Oh that place was shot up! It’s no longer there!” So we just walked around and took pictures on some pretty walls and made the best of it, but wow was it interesting!

We then went to lunch and the World of Coke Factory! After that we went back to the house for more relaxing and eating. The next day we did a quick photoshoot and then the weekend was over! It was such a fun time and I’m so honored I was invited to go! Here are a few pictures from the weekend (Check out their site if you like any of the clothes and want to snag some! Use code LINDSEY15 for 15% off your entire purchase!)!

So this year has not been boring at all so far! I can’t believe we’re already halfway done with March! It is flying by.

Next weekend we’re going to the beach for a week with my family. Then I’ll have my hysterectomy when I come back.

In May, my brother and sister-in-law are due with their second baby and I’m so excited!

In June, I’m having my plastic surgery!

In July, we’re going to the beach with Brad’s family.

In August, school will start back for my husband and my oldest daughter.

Beyond that, I have not thought about! It’s been so crazy and the next few months are just as crazy! I do hope that by the fall COVID will be under control and most people will have the vaccine. It will be nice to start returning to some normalcy.

In between all of these things, I am still working! I am creating websites, creating content, serving clients, etc! And even when I’m recovering from surgery, I’ll just be sitting around at home and I’ll have my computer, so if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask! Make sure you check out the new service that I’m offering.

As always, thank you for following along with me and for your continued support! You’re helping me live out my dream!

xoxo, lindsey
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