12 Things You Must Do If You Want to be Successful as a Blogger or Instagram Influencer

So if you’re wanting to step into the world of blogging or Instagram influencing, you probably have a lot of questions. You probably also have seen a lot of advice given out + don’t know how to separate the noise + fluff from the real stuff.

Or maybe you’ve been trying your hand at it for a while + feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Here’s what I know has helped me be successful + I truly believe you can be too if you follow these 12 tips!

  1. Decide what your focus is going to be and who your ideal audience is.
    If you don’t know what you’re going to share, you aren’t a blogger, you’re just another person with an Instagram account. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you’re talking to no one.
  2. Start a running list of hashtags broken down into categories.
    I have categories like Motherhood, Self Care, Women Empowerment, Fashion, etc. Within each category, I have 500K+, 100K-500K, and less than 100K.
  3. Buy a tripod and ring light.
    It sounds cliche, but just do it. This is a good one.
  4. Use presets in the free Lightroom app on all your pictures.
    It is the best photo editing app + it’s FREE. Presets are very affordable + make you look like a pro photographer.
  5. Create a Canva account and upgrade to the pro account (it’s worth it).
    Canva is how people make all those really cool graphics.
  6. Use Site Ground to host your site and WordPress to design and edit.
    Use Creative Market to get a WordPress theme.
  7. Flodesk for email marketing.
    I have used other email marketing platforms, + I can say without a doubt, Flodesk is the absolute best out there. Plus you can sign up for only $19/month FOR LIFE.
  8. Engage with others if you want others to engage with you.
    If no one is commenting on your photos, think back….when was the last time you commented on someone’s photo??
  9. Follow brands you love and engage with them.
    Like their photos, comment on their posts, reply to their stories, tag them.
  10. Utilize Pinterest + Tailwind.
    Pinterest is the easiest + best way to drive traffic to your blog + with Tailwind, you can schedule pins to go out on autopilot.
  11. Look at your analytics but don’t obsess over them.
    Use your analytics to tweak your strategy, but remember, they are just numbers on a screen + don’t define you as a person.
  12. Join influencer platforms to apply for collaborations.
    There are SO many ways to get collabs: Heartbeat, AspireIQ, Corcus, ShareASale, Sway, + so much more.

Are you utilizing all of these? If not, which are you going to try? Comment below + let me know! I love to hear from you! Reach out on Instagram if you have any questions! I would be happy to help!



*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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