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    It’s no surprise to anyone that we are in uncertain times right now. Many businesses are taking a hit with the current state of the stock market + the mandatory closings + limitations. Small businesses are certainly being hit the hardest by all of this. I am a huge cheerleader for small businesses. I love my local restaurants more than the big chains. I love supporting them even when we’re not in a global pandemic. During this difficult time, it’s especially important that we support small businesses in any way that we can. One way we can support restaurants right now that cannot be open to the public is by ordering takeout.

    I have compiled a list of my favorite places in Easley, South Carolina where you can get takeout. Today (March 24th) is #TheGreatAmericanTakeout Day + I hope everyone supports their local businesses by participating in this. But you can support them ANY day!

    If you can’t support them by ordering a meal, you can like + follow their social media accounts. I have them all listed below!

    Merrell’s Pizza of Easley
    101 NE Main Street
    Easley, SC 29640
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    Merrell’s is one of our absolute favorite places in Easley. We go eat there all the time, order delivery or pick up from them + I even had my 30th birthday celebration there. They have pizza, pasta, wings, sandwiches, salads, appetizers + just about anything you could want. I would definitely recommend them even when we’re not in a pandemic! Make sure you follow them on Instagram because they are posting daily specials!

    Hours are 11:00am-9:00pm Monday-Saturday + 12:00-9:00pm on Sunday. They are offering call ins, curbside pickup + delivery. Delivery fee is $2.00. They normally deliver within a 6 mile radius, but they have extended that to 10 miles!

    Bleu Voodoo Grill
    114 E Main Street
    Easley, SC 29640
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    We would eat at Bleu Voodoo even more than we already do if they were open more than 3 days a week! They serve cajun food, but also just about anything you could want. My son has eaten fried oysters + fried alligator here! They have shrimp + grits, burgers, chicken breast, just to name a few. The atmosphere of this place is great, but since we can’t go in right now, let’s support them by ordering takeout!

    Hours are Thursday-Saturday 4:00pm-9:00pm. They are doing to-go + curbside pickup only. You can also order beer + wine to-go! They will likely have specials so stay tuned to their social media accounts to see what they will be!

    Inky’s Authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and Hoagies
    5155 Calhoun Memorial Hwy
    Easley, SC 29640
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    Inky’s is one of our favorite sandwich shops. They are known for their authentic cheesesteaks but also other many other menu items. My husband gets a reuben or a french dip + I love the grilled cheese. They have fries + tater tots, which the kids love. This is a great place to grab a quick meal togo + they have a free rewards program you can sign up for.

    Hours are Monday-Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm. They are offering call ins, curbside + delivery within a 4 mile radius. The delivery charge is 20% + will go to the waitress making the delivery.

    The Smokin’ Pig
    701 S Pendleton Street
    Easley, SC 29640
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    The Smokin’ Pig is known for their barbeque, but everything on the menu is delicious. I love their fries, okra, macaroni + cheese + chicken tenders. My husband loves the sweet potato fries + grits. The portions are huge so I normally share with my kids. We love this place + are glad they are still doing drive thru service during this time.

    Hours for drive thru + curbside pickup only will be Thursday-Saturday 11:00am-8:00pm
    Seasonal vegetable: collards
    Seasonal cobbler: peach (YUM!)

    The Pint Station
    116 E Main Street
    Easley, SC 29640
    Facebook | Instagram

    I think all of us need some beer + wine right now! Go stock up!!! This is a family owned business with very friendly service! They are also working with local food trucks to come park outside so you can get something to eat too! How neat is that?!? They are all stocked up with lots of growlers + if you buy one, you can keep bringing it back to get it filled up! They have over 60 different wines, 20 beers on draft + another 40+ in cans or bottles. Awesome selection + fair prices!!

    Their hours for pick up will be Tuesday 2:00pm-7:0pm, Wednesday-Saturday 12:00pm-7:00pm. They’re ready for you to come pick up your beverages!

    If you have any specific questions on any of these places, please let me know! You can find all my contact info here. Make sure to follow me on social media because I will try + share all of their specials + updates!

    All of these places are my personal favorites. I have experienced them firsthand + I want to see them succeed + make it through this difficult time. Please help me support them!





    i moved to greenville county when i was 2 years old. i only lived away for about 5 years in my early twenties, so i feel like i pretty much get the ins and outs of what’s going on (and what’s gone on) in greenville.

    one thing is certain, greenville is growing rapidly. people are flocking here to live, work, vacation, get married, you name it.

    there are so many things that people who aren’t greenville natives just wouldn’t understand. i’m going to lay out a few that i thought of & i would love to hear if you can think of any more examples!

    1. the bi-lo center. what? i thought bi-lo was a grocery store? the bon secours wellness arena aka “the well” was once named “the bi-lo center”. it is very hard for us greenville natives to get used to calling it anything else. i saw shania twain & nsync in the bi-lo center. i just refuse to call it “the well”.
    2. there are certain buildings that no matter what restaurant goes there, they can’t seem to make it. examples: the old fatz on woodruff rd (rip). the old meme’s on woodruff rd. the old beef o’bradys on fairview rd in simpsonville (one of my husband’s favorites). the old p. simpson’s on main st in simpsonville. each one of these places has had multiple restaurants give it a shot & ultimately didn’t make it. most of these places have a new restaurant there now, so fingers crossed they will survive the curse! although, the old fatz building was bulldozed to the ground! anyone know what’s going to go there next?!?
    3. everywhere you want to go, you take 385 or 85. unless you want to avoid that nightmare, & then you take backroads & shortcuts that everyone in the freaking county has somehow figured out! anyone notice that? that what used to be the “quick” way to get around traffic, now is congested with traffic?!? & don’t get us started on the construction on the interstates right now. they have changed the freakin exit to get from 385 to 85 at woodruff rd about 73 times in the last three years. every time you drive that way, there’s a new route to learn.
    4. when it rains, expect 3-5 accidents on the interstate to be part of your morning commute.
    5. when there is snow in the forecast, expect there to be no bread or milk left in the grocery stores.
    6. when it snows, expect school to be closed for at least 2 days. & yes that means even if in fountain inn there is not one drop of snow or ice on the ground, school will still be closed. because greenville county is one BIG district that encompasses the entire county spanning 795 square miles. so if there is snow on the ground in travelers rest, the whole county of 106 schools are shut down. do not start a debate about how they should break the county up into districts. people will fight you till the death on this because it is “keeping taxes low” to keep the district this large.
    7. when there is a hurricane watch, expect all bottled water to be sold out within a 20 mile radius. 
    8. you can’t be a fan of clemson & carolina. you have to choose. a clemson fan respects a gamecock fan who hates clemson more than someone who says they “pull for both” and vice versa. 
    9. people from greenville are obsessed with greenville. they love to support local businesses & love to come out to any big event going on & post using hashtag yeah that greenville. we’re so freakin proud of our town.
    10. we have just started to realize we can go to west greenville now. like west greenville is actually nice. it used to be a guaranteed place to go if you wanted to get shot & now there’s boutiques selling pants for over a hundred dollars!!! mind. blown.

    what did i leave out? what are some other things that only us greenvillians are keen to? leave it in the comments or shoot me an email or find me on insta. let’s be friends!!!