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    It can sometimes be hard deciding on a gift for your significant other. Maybe they’re picky, or have everything they want, or just never seem excited about what you get them.

    I think the key to gift giving is to be thoughtful + think outside the box. It might be something they’ve never heard of or never would’ve bought themselves or asked for, but they will love getting it as a gift. I find my favorite gifts are usually the ones I never would’ve thought of.

    So this Valentine’s Day, if you want to think outside the box but don’t know where to start, I’ve come up with a list of ideas to spark your creativity.

    For Men or Women:

    This is super fun for both men + women to help get the conversation started especially if you’ve been together a long time + feel like there’s nothing left to talk about!

    Men + women socks that you can design with your picture on them! Super cute + unique.

    You get to fill in the blanks in this cute little love book. Personalized + thoughtful.

    Who doesn’t want a massage readily accessible to them all the time?!?

    This is a great book for figuring out how you + your partner like to show love + be loved.

    Nothing says “let’s make out” quite like a tongue scraper. This is the one I use + I love it!

    You can never go wrong with chocolates!

    Who doesn’t love a Hershey’s kiss?

    For Women:

    A Yeti cup is desired by all, but get it personalized + you’ll win big points.

    This candle smells like cupcakes + has a hidden ring in it that you’ll find once it burns down. The ring is valued anywhere between $15-$5,000!

    Opening wine bottles easier? Yes, please.

    Super cute + cozy sweater + you’ll win extra points because it goes along with a Valentine’s theme.

    For Men:

    A fancy whiskey glass gift set for a man who loves his whiskey.

    20 pieces on grilling tools in a case for under $30. Need I say more?

    Yeti coolers are wanted by every man, but they are a bit pricey to splurge on for no reason. Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to get him one.

    If the cooler isn’t in your budget this year, try just a Yeti cup. They really are the best out there.

    What are you getting your significant other this year for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments or email me! Sign up for my email list below so we can keep in touch!





    this christmas was a good one. my oldest got so many great gifts this year that she was really excited about. my son was old enough to kind of understand what was going on (he really got into meticulously unwrapping his own gifts this year). + my youngest daughter had her first christmas + there’s nothing sweeter than a baby’s first christmas.

    they pretty much all would play with a cardboard box (+ they have. recently). but these are some of their favorite toys they got for christmas this year. this doesn’t even scratch the surface on everything they got, but these are note worthy items i thought i’d share.

    my 5 year old girl’s faves:

    my girl LOVES her some makeup so i found it only fitting that she get a vanity for christmas. she adores it.

    she had to get some makeup to go with her vanity!

    okay, this thing wins christmas. this was not only one of my daughter’s favorite gifts, but my whole family (including my parents, grandparents, brother, aunt, cousins, EVERYONE!) it is soooo entertaining!

    what 5 year old girl doesn’t love jojo siwa?!?!

    she absolutely loves this little cottage for her bunnies!

    these three little baby bunnies might have been responsible for an all out brawl between her and my 2 year old. needless to say, they were a hit.

    my 2 year old boy’s faves:

    my son is obsessed with this motorcycle + looks so cool riding it! my 5 year old is way too big for it but still tries to ride it because it’s just so cool!

    he absolutely loves putting the fish in + out of this fish bowl. + he is learning his colors better too!

    this is probably his favorite gift of all because he cannot get enough of baby shark (doo doo doo doo).

    he carried this around under his arm after he got it like he was a running back protecting his football. he just loves it.

    he was soooo excited when he saw this awesome gift!

    one of the first presents he got + made us open as soon as we got home!

    my 5 month old girl’s faves:

    this is one of the first toys i have really seen her interact + really play with. it is the cutest thing.

    this thing is amazing. it rolls around (even on carpet!) to help teach them to crawl. my girl isn’t there yet, but she still loves to watch it + listen to the music.

    such a cute rattle + teether!

    glows in the dark! super cute!

    what were some of your kids’ favorite gifts? leave them in the comments! i’d love to check them out! chelsea has a birthday coming up in april + i’m always on the lookout for great gifts!

    if you have any questions about any of these toys, please reach out + ask! i’d be glad to help! you can email me or DM me on insta!

    thanks for reading! + let’s be friends! life is so much better when we do it together. subscribe to my email list below!





    the fire tablet has been great for my daughter. you can choose which color cover you want.

    these TOMS are glittery but still neutral & able to go with most anything.

    my daughter absolutely loves her dollhouse.

    these stay by my daugher’s bed so she can slide them on as soon as she wakes up.

    i think i have done this unicorn’s hair more than my daughter, but she loves it.

    my daughter is hoping to get one of these for christmas this year 😉

    a good columbia fleece just cannot be beat.

    baby shark does not discriminate against age or gender. everyone is a fan.

    LOL dolls– you know, the things that take 20 minutes to unpackage & 2 minutes to rip the doll’s head off. & it will be their favorite gift.

    more LOL dolls

    more LOL dolls, because apparently you can’t have enough.

    another wish list item for my daughter for christmas this year.

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    my son got this for his birthday & LOVES it.

    this was a christmas present for my son last year & he was SO excited when he got it.

    another birthday present my son got & even my older daughter loves playing with this.

    toy story is top of the list of my son’s favorites right now.

    how cute is mr potato head dressed up as other characters?!?

    another christmas present my son got last year & has just loved playing with.

    i got this for my son when he was just a little baby & he plays with it now all the time.

    TOMS are the best most comfortable shoes.

    my son rocks some polo.

    nike sneakers are my favorite.

    columbia jackets are the absolute best for warmth, comfort & affordability.

    baby shark is all the rage & my son has caught the bug.

    this is a great kids’ tablet & lets the parents control what apps they have access to.

    this was on my son’s christmas list this year so we will see how he likes it 😉

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    the softest & best outerwear brand out there in my opinion.

    this is a great casual jacket that can also be worn when you have to be a little fancier.

    amazon brand clothing is the real deal!!!

    casual button down.

    my husband swears by this brand of socks.

    beard care is all the rage right now & my husband has drank the koolaid.

    this is my husband’s favorite scent in balm & oil. & i will admit that i like it too.

    wash, balm, oil, then comb is his routine.

    for a beard comb, it’s pretty stylish.

    my husband swears these watches never die.

    for when he’s lounging around the house watching christmas movies with you 😉

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    you always need somewhere to sit the baby down.

    you can’t go anywhere with a baby unless you have a diaper bag with you.

    graco is the only brand of car seats i will ever purchase.

    great to have in the diaper bag so you can put dirty diapers in the bag & not have it stink up your car or whatever trash can you throw it in.

    i didn’t use this with my first one & it is probably my favorite product i used with my last two. you get the cream on them really well without getting it all over your hands.

    this is little mini sound machine that can attach to the car seat & travel with you.

    do i need to explain the importance of diapers?

    this is the newborn insert for the halo bassinet. this makes it a smaller space for baby to sleep in so they feel more secure like in the womb.

    this is the cadillac of bassinets.

    recommended to me by my oldest’s pediatrician when she was a baby. i have used it ever since because i’ve gotten the best results with it.

    i used these bottles with all three of my babies. they are the best in my opinion.

    a little something for baby to look at while riding in the car.

    amber teething necklaces are proven to reduce inflammation of little one’s gums while teething. i have used one with all three of mine & truly believe they help them.

    first make sure they have a diaper genie! if they do, they’re going to need plenty of these bag refills!

    my first two babies had very sensitive skin & other wipes broke them out. these water wipes have honestly been the best thing for their skin.

    this is my favorite thing of all time. i cannot sleep without white noise now. i will have one in my room even when all my kids are grown. it is also a miracle worker for getting babies to sleep.

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    this is not only great when you’re pregnant but also right after you have a baby & are nursing in bed in the middle of the night!

    it is important to stay hydrated when you’re pregnant & when nursing. having this cute cup makes it easier to keep drinking water!

    the perfect nursing bra to sleep in & wear around the house.

    this little baby is a miracle worker. you nurse on one side & suction this to the other side to catch any let-down.

    for storing the liquid gold.

    for when things get sensitive.

    this was a lifesaver to be able to pump but still be hands free!

    when you’re pregnant & once you have the baby, washing your hands is very important to keep germs away. this hand sanitizer is alcohol-free and foaming!

    little pads to stick in your bra in case you leak (because it will happen).

    no one wants stretch marks. cocoa butter is the best known trick to ward away stretch marks. this particular lotion is a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, collagen, elastin, argan oil, sweet almond oil & vitamin e. basically it is meant to keep everything moisturized, firm, & free of stretch marks. plus it smells incredible & feels so soft & smooth.

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