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    there are so many skincare products out there. like SO many. & it’s easy to get bogged down with things that promise this and promise that. how do you know that it’s real? how do you know that something will actually work? well let me try it for you! that’s how! i have tried out these three products from kristals cosmetics & i’m here to tell you–they work! my skin has never felt softer & appeared more smooth & glowy! could not be happier with these products! your skin will love you for using these!

    kristals cosmetics uses gemstones found in nature to provide you with natural products that will ultimately give you more radiant, vibrant looking skin.

    so what am i using?

    i selected the rock crystal collection. rock crystal is a symbol of chastity, purity of thoughts, innocence, modesty and fidelity. its hypnotic quality is conducive to sleep, and hey, who couldn’t use better sleep?!? i am using the micro polish cleanser, multi action toner, and the refining moisturizer for dry skin.

    so what is the process?
    step 1: rock crystal micro polish cleanser

    this is an exfoliating cleanser for your face. it smells amazing and has the little exfoliating beads, but is not too rough on your skin. i like to use this in the shower. you can get your face moist, then scrub in the cleanser really good without it spilling onto your clothes. you can also wash off all the little beads really well in the shower. once you get out, you are ready for toner.

    step 2: rock crystal multi action toner

    i use little cotton pads to apply the toner. i just squirt a couple drops onto the pad, & then wipe my entire face with it. this toner smells amazing and leaves you with that tingly feeling on your skin. once this dries, you are ready for moisturizer.

    step 3: rock crystal refining moisturizer for dry skin (one of the brand’s top-selling products!)

    i squirt this directly on my fingers & rub it into my face & neck. same as the cleanser & toner, it smells incredible! it goes on so smooth & silky & leaves your face feeling refreshed & new. once this is dry, you are ready for makeup or bed, depending on if you put it on in the morning or evening!

    when it is all said & done, you will have smooth, vibrant, healthy, silky, glowing, radiant skin! & who doesn’t want that?!? if you want skin like this, you HAVE to try these products! & there’s good news! i have a coupon code for you to get 40% off your entire purchase!

    use code LINDSEY at checkout to receive 40% off your purchase! & enjoy having the soft, smooth skin that you’ve always dreamed of!
    kristals cosmetics is the real deal, y’all!

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    okay, let’s get real for a second. you think botox is for old people.

    i totally did.

    & then my best friend, kristen, started working at a plastic surgery office. & she started educating my backwards self on what botox actually does & what it’s for.

    & also that you don’t have to be 70 years old to get it done.

    she told me that botox is the absolute best thing you can do for your skin for anti-aging (& let me be up front with you–i’m about to be 30. so yes, i’m getting worried about aging.)

    she told me that it doesn’t hurt.

    she told me that it wears off in about 3 months, so even if you don’t like the results, it will not stay that way forever.

    i also learned something else that i had no idea about.

    i guess i thought that botox kind of “filled in” the lines in your face.

    that is totally not at all how it works.

    what it does is block signals to the muscles it is injected so that you are physically unable to make the lines appear on your face.

    sounds scary, right?

    well i’m always up for a challenge and not scared off easily. so i told kristen i would give it a shot.

    she told me about a new form of botox called jeuveau (aka “newtox”). jeuveau is less expensive since it’s fairly new but delivers almost identical results as botox. clinical studies even show that some clients see their results lasting a little longer than original botox.

    well my husband heard the words “less expensive” and that’s what was decided i would do.

    i made my appointment & anxiously awaited.

    i got to the office on the day of my appointment, filled out what seemed like 10 pages of paperwork, & then got called back to go see kristen.

    kristen thoroughly explained the treatment i would be receiving. she walked me through what it would be like during the injections, after, and long term. she talked about the wonderful benefits of jeuveau and the clinical studies that had been performed.

    i was fully educated on the product before she started to get to work.

    first she asked me to lift my eyebrows up. she located the muscles that she wanted to inject & put a little mark with a washable marker.

    next she asked me to make a scowl face & she located & marked more muscles that needed to be treated.

    lastly, she had me squint really hard & she located & marked the final muscles.

    then she went to get the product (& yes the needles). needles ARE used in this process; it is not licked on by kittens like rachel’s tattoo in friends.

    but when she came back and started doing the injections, i realized that it was extremely painless. it seriously felt like little pricks on my forehead. did not hurt at all. the needles are so so tiny and delicate.

    the whole process was so quick and painless. i was shocked how fast i was in and out. she had told me to expect little red bumps where the injections were, but i really didn’t have any.

    within TWO DAYS, i started to notice results. it was harder for me to squint, scowl, & raise my eyebrows up. TWO. DAYS. she had told me i would probably start seeing results in 4-6 days and full results in two weeks. well two days later & i was already loving it. 6 days later & it had pretty much completely kicked in.

    i’m two weeks out now & still loving it. i never noticed how unattractive my skin was around my eyes & forehead. but it is so smooth now & just perfection. i will most definitely be going back & getting this done regularly now. it is without a doubt the easiest thing you can do for your skin.

    so thank you to my best friend, kristen burdette, for educating an old hag like me on good skincare. & major thanks to advanced cosmetic surgery in greenville for training her so well & provided top notch products. you have not seen the last of me.

    have you ever tried botox? if you have been against it, did this change your mind?

    check out my results below
    no makeup, no filter. full squint.
    no makeup, no filter. fully raising my eyebrows as far as i can.