i was born in spartanburg, south carolina to two wonderful parents who are still together today. we moved to goose creek, south carolina when i was a baby. while we were there, my little brother was born. i was two and a half when we moved to simpsonville, south carolina for my dad’s new job. my dad is currently still working there, so needless to say, my family made the upstate our home.

simpsonville is a smallish town outside of greenville city limits, but it is in greenville county. when i moved to simpsonville in 1992, there was a walmart, a blockbuster, and an applebees. now, simpsonville is one of the biggest citites in greenville county. i mean, they have a target AND a hobby lobby now. they’re big time.

growing up in greenville, i thought this town was backwoods and closed minded and had nothing to do. i moved away to arizona when i was 20 years old, but while i lived there, greenville started experiencing a transformation. growth and development were everywhere. when i came back from arizona to visit, i barely recognized my own home. living across the country really made me appreciate where i came from and i became extremely homesick.

i moved to north carolina a few years later which was nice being so much closer to home. while in north carolina, i had my first daughter and graduated from college.

i moved back to greenville right after graduation. i lived in mauldin for a year (mauldin is another outlying city in greenville county). then my husband and i built a house in simpsonville. i honestly thought we would live in that house for a good 20-30 years. but my husband unexpectedly took a job about an hour away. it is still in upstate south carolina, but there was no way we could stay in the house in simpsonville. it was just too long of a commute for him. so we built a house in easley, south carolina. easley is a city in pickens county, right outside of greenville.

easley is not a big city but is really up and coming itself. downtown has the small town feel with lots of unique, trendy restaurants, bars, and boutiques. i am extremely happy with our choice to call easley our home. my oldest daughter has started kindergarten here and is having a wonderful experience. my son and youngest daughter are going to a mother’s morning out program which i love and they have adjusted really well to.