my kids are my everything. pretty much everything i do revolves around them. i’m obsessed with them, even when i wanna pull my hair out. so here is a little bit about each of my babies.


my little firecracker.

this girl will change the world one day. i think she already has. she’s changed my world for sure. chelsea is the smartest kindergartener you’ll ever meet with the biggest vocabulary. i swear shes’s been talking since she was 6 months old. and has. not. stopped. 

she loves princesses, unicorns, ice cream, makeup, playing pretend, and ranch. the girl would bathe in ranch if she could.

she’s the best big sister to her little brother and sister.


mr serious.

this guy is my laid-back, chill dude with a stare that could burn a hole through you. his vocabulary is not near as big as big sister’s was at his age, but she is slowly teaching him how to say more and more words.

he loves dogs, fries, trains, taking his shoes off, playing outside, getting his booty patted, and reading (or tearing up) books.

he absolutely adores his sisters. i didn’t think there was any way he could love the baby as much as loves big sissy, but he does.


my smiley girl.

this angel loves napping more than eating and loves smiling at people. she is already starting to try and talk, so we might have another chelsea on our hands…pray for us.

this pregnancy and postpartum was not easy. she threw me for a complete loop. and then wasn’t gaining weight during the first 6 weeks. this was surprising considering the extremely rapid rate her brother gained weight. however she is healthy now and just perfect.