growing up, i was always very involved in school activities, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. outside of school, i did dance, basketball, piano, art classes, and was very involved in my church. the first two years of high school, i was a cheerleader for my school.

after that, i went through the rebellious teenager stage (insert eyeroll). i’m not proud of it, and there are so many times i wish i could go back to and do things differently. i wish i hadn’t been a brat to teachers, to other kids, and to my parents. i wish i would’ve focused more on school and less on other things. i wish i would’ve been nicer and had more friends instead of being so stuck up.

despite my mistakes and shortcomings, i did graduate high school with honors, and went on to college. but that didn’t last. i ended up only going for a year and a half. i then went to cosmetology school and got my cosmetology license.

after working at a salon in arizona for about 6 months, i decided it wasn’t for me. after working in a restaurant and tanning salon, i decided i wanted to go back to school for teaching.

i went for one semester in arizona, and then moved to north carolina. i finished my degree at the university of north carolina at pembroke.

i taught 5th grade for one year, and then decided not to continue in the classroom.

since then, i worked as a social media manager and office coordinator at a gymnastics facility where i started learning how to edit websites on wordpress. my next job was at a corporate office as a customer service representative. after three months in this role, i was promoted to human resources manager.

when it started to get closer to when we would be moving, and shortly after i would be having my third baby, i decided to look for other job opportunities. i love office/administrative work, but i also love being creative and designing. and i love being able to be spontaneous and have a flexible schedule. i especially knew i would need a flexible schedule having three kids! i stumbled upon a wonderful entrepreneur who is an online business coach for therapists looking to start their own private practice. she was looking for a director of operations for the little empire she has built. i happily accepted the offer to join her on her journey. while i am still doing that, and LOVE it, i decided to start this lifestyle blog as a chance to write (which i love) and be creative.