Are you getting Tin-DUPED?

646-1-tinder[Warning: any adults above the age of 35 reading this article will probably have NO CLUE what I’m talking about…Which is a good thing, because Tinder is specifically targeted towards college students and young adults ages 18 to 24. AKA, if you are above the age of 35…and you have a Tinder…. you are a CREEPER. Join or EHarmony and stop hitting on college kids.]

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

For those of you with a Tinder account, you’re probably drawn to it because of its simplistic, Facebook-linked, non-interrogating interface.

Unlike “grown-up” dating sites that make you answer hundreds of detailed questions, Tinder  doesn’t ask you “what you’re looking for in a partner” or “how many children you want to have.”

All Tinder wants to know is where you’re located, what your sexual orientation is, and how many Facebook friends you have in common with Steve. Or Sarah. Or John. Or Julie. (You get the point). Oh, and of course, it also wants your picture.

Some critics call this shallow, but Tinder’s creators say that a person’s looks, location, sexual orientation, and shared connections are the EXACT factors that we use to judge someone we meet in-person.

Well, the creators are obviously doing something right, because the app is spreading at an astronomical rate. On average, Tinder is downloaded 20,000 times per DAY and should reach 1million active users this year.

So why am I choosing to write about Tinder now?

Because this past week, the Huffington Post published an article about a Tinder experiment that got me thinking about dating patterns and gender roles in our tech-obsessed generation.

The article detailed three Brigham Young University college students on a mission – a mission to discover how many college guys would meet up with a random GORGEOUS girl they met on Tinder – but knew nothing about.


Meet the infamous “Sammy.”

To do this, these three guys created a FAKE Facebook account –  (because you need a Facebook account in order to create a Tinder account) – and uploaded photos of a Barbie-doll look alike, Miss Teen USA, Kendall Fein, but named her “Sammy.”

Once the Facebook account was activated, they logged “Sammy” into Tinder and spent one hour “liking” every guy that appeared on the screen. [Tinder allows two users to message one another once they’ve both “liked” each other’s picture. The “liking” has to be mutual otherwise you cannot connect…. how romantic.]

Within hours, “Sammy” received HUNDREDS of “likes” back, causing Tinder to generate 250 matches for this fake blonde beauty queen.

The next day, “Sammy” sent the following message to each of the 250 male contenders:

“I’m going to yogurt shop called yogurtland tonight at 9 in orem with some girl friends if you want to meet up ;)

The masterminds behind this plan thought it’d be a flop

But when they arrived at YogurtLand to observe the scene for themselves, they were shocked to see dozens of groups of men crowding around like hungry wolves waiting to pounce on their prey.

In total, an estimated 70 guys between the ages of 19 and 30 showed up to meet an OBVIOUSLY fake woman named Sammy…who they hadn’t even spoke to.

PHOTO CREDIT: Bowman Bagley

[Photo credit: Bowman Bagley]
Notice the swarms of guys inside YogurtLand waiting for their beloved “Sammy”

So now I have a few things to say about this…

Firstly, BRAVO to these three college guys from Brigham Young University for showing women what we’ve always known…COLLEGE-AGE MEN ARE CURIOUS, SEX-DRIVEN CREATURES WHO ARE EAISLY MANIPULATED BY A PRETTY FACE.

*[NOTE: I am NOT generalizing ALL men into this category. I know that not ALL college guys would fall for this sort of stunt, but 70 out of 250 of them did…and additional guys who weren’t free that night, followed up with a Tinder message asking if “Sammy” was free to meet up the next weekend instead….so don’t get mad at ME. Get mad at your fellow 70+ “bros” who got DUPED…TIN-DUPED.]

Secondly, this made me wonder how the same experiment would’ve gone down if the genders were flipped

If 250 women received an invite from an online mystery man they’d never spoken to, and the only information they had from him was his first name and a suspiciously perfect, photo-shopped, model status picture…how many of them would’ve fallen for it?

Photo credit: Google Images. "Hey baby, wanna get some froyo together later?"

[Photo credit: Google Images]  “Hey baby, wanna get some froyo together later?”

My guess is….ZERO to FIVE. TOPS.

Now, I’m not saying that women are smarter than men. (I’m all about equality).

Nor am I saying that women are less on the prowl for a hot date.

What I’m getting at is…women are simply more accustomed to these situations because the notion of a man hitting on a woman is FAR more common in today’s society than a woman hitting on a man.

Think about it: you’ll never see a group of female construction workers whistling on the sidewalk at every attractive man that walks by…yet women encounter this on a daily basis.

Even on a more serious level, men are typically the ones who initiate a marriage proposal by getting down on one knee and offering a ring. It’s rare to see a female initiate this process.

So, were the 250 men messaged by “Sammy” so caught off-guard by the fact they they were actually messaged FIRST that they just had to go to YogurtLand to meet her?

Did they really believe that her picture was authentic or did they have a feeling that they were getting duped?


Are men simply more full of themselves than women are?


Likely female response to male “Sammy” equivalent’s invite: “This guy is a creepy kidnapping rapist. This is his only picture. He has no Facebook activity. No way in HELL is he real…I’m staying FAR AWAY from YogurtLand tonight….good thing there’s froyo in my freezer.”

NOW I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! (Poll is completely anonymous)

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with one final thought on Tinder.

I understand the appeal of meeting someone with connections to your social circle. Especially for women, we may feel safer knowing that the guy we’re chatting with went to college with our best friend from high school’s best college friend’s friend…and therefore he can’t possibly be a creeper. [Sarcasm]

HOWEVER, if we never branch out of our bubbles…if we never meet people from an area 50 miles outside of the one we’re living in, how will we ever be able to expand our horizons and truly appreciate the diversity of this world?

Isn’t it more enriching to meet someone with a worldly perspective different from our own?

Something to think about.

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LOL (Lindsey Out Loud)

– All content belongs to Lindsey Orlofsky and cannot be used without my written permission.

© Copyright Lindsey Orlofsky, 2012 – 2013.


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